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See answers to some FAQs and information about jewelry care. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions that aren't answered here!

1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 Where are you located?

We are located on beautiful Orchid Island at 3123 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, 32963. Come see us today!

1.2 What are Allure Gallery’s hours?

We are open 7 days a week: our hours are at least 10am-5pm and sometimes we have the expanded hours of 9am-6pm.

We are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

1.3 How long have you been on Ocean Drive?

In October 2020 we will have been at our location on Ocean Drive for 5 years! Many thanks to the Vero Beach Community for the support they have shown us over the years, we love our customers!

1.4 Where do you get your products? Who makes the items?

Much of the jewelry in our store is made by the owners! Many of the other products sold in our gallery are made by American artists who the owners have met through their years of doing art shows across the country. Many other items were discovered by the owners on trips to Asia to purchase gemstones for their handcrafted jewelry.

1.5 What does your logo mean?

The three crowns in our logo are a reference to the owner's Swedish Heritage. 

Much of the jewelry in the gallery is handmade by the owner and many of his designs are influenced by his Scandinavian heritage. 

1.6 What is your return or exchange policy?

Items bought online may be returned for exchange or refund within 30 days. Please contact us by phone at (772) 321-2995 or by email at [email protected]. Unless the item is defective, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs.

If a genuine item defect becomes apparent after 30 days, please call Robert at (772) 321-2995 to discuss any possible remedy.

1.7 I want to see more of the owner's jewelry, where can I find more?

The owners of Allure Gallery, Robert and Teresa Nilsson, sell their work on this website under the brand names: B&R Designs by Nilsson, and Nilsson Jewelry. They also travel and attend many art shows around the US, so you might find them at your local art festival, including: the Vero Beach Under the Oaks art fest, Coconut Grove art fest, Winter Park art fest, Ann Arbor the Guild art fest, and many more!

1.8 What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Your satisfaction is our top priority, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, feel free to return it for a refund or replacement within 30 days. Please contact us by phone at (772) 321-2995 or by email at [email protected].

1.9 How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

Please notify us by phone or email and if we have not yet shipped your order we will be happy to modify it.  

Phone: (772) 321-2995

Email: [email protected]

1.10 How do I contact you if my question isn’t answered here?

For quickest response, call Robert at: (772) 321-2995.

You may also call our store in Vero Beach during business hours at: (772) 217-3981

You may also email us at: [email protected]

2 Jewelry Information
2.1 What is Gold-Filled?

Gold-filled is a high quality gold product that is gaining popularity throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.  The product is easy to care for and will maintain its golden shine for a lifetime. Unlike plated (aka electroplated or "dipped") metals, Gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight.  This creates a gold layer hundreds of times thicker than plated jewelry, and also hundreds of times more durable. This very durable layer of gold holds up so well because it is bonded with heat and pressure over a color matched jewelers bronze and not electro-plated. Our Gold-filled items are 14kt gold-filled. 14k Gold-filled products are identified as 14/20 Gold-filled;  or alternatively, 14kt Gold-Filled. We have been making gold-filled jewelry for over 30 years and give a lifetime guarantee on the finish. We have had no returns or issues so far!!

2.2 Care and Cleaning

Gold-filled does not de-laminate or peel like plated or "dipped" products. Nor does it tarnish as readily as silver. Many owners find that they never have to clean gold-filled items at all. However, from time to time your jewelry may become dirty from everyday wear. To clean gold-filled it is best to use mild soap and water. Hot weather and water will not damage the material.

Beware of some companies selling plated jewelry as "gold-filled" - it is not the same thing! Generally speaking, gold filled is better quality and is much longer lasting than plated jewelry.